Photo - bottling "Iranopol" detergent.

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B&W negative copied in 1990 from official albums then held at Grangemouth refinery.

"Research by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. and Scottish Oils laboratories has developed from a certain shale oil fraction a method of preparing an excellent synthetic detergent and wetting agent. This process was developed through the pilot plant stage to the industrial works scale. "lranopol" is a neutral amber solution, slightly heavier than water. It has excellent wetting, detergent, dispersive and penetrating properties, even in very dilute solution... Unlike ordinary soap, no deposit or scum is formed with hard water, so that glass washed with it takes on a sparkling polish, and woollens are left soft and pleasant to the touch and are of improved colour."

"A Brief Description of the Operations of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry" Scottish Oils Ltd, p. 29.